bean dip is supposed to taste good

It was a high of 80s with lows in the 70s in Australia today… or tomorrow, or yesterday (not really clear on time zone phrasing from where I live on the other side of the world and in a different hemisphere). Makes total sense that you’d have a frozen smoothie for breakfast. Here? Cold. Snow. I’m craving a warm bowl of oatmeal or something heated post workout/post shower. Well… we are in the positive digits degree-wise so that’s pretty warm I suppose. Anyway, breakfast is a raspberry and nut butter smoothie. Pretty solid. My raspberries didn’t have a lot of sweetness so my smoothie was pretty tart. I added lemon to make my fruit smoothie “bright” as my boyfriend tells me. My smoothie was red – and I left it in the blender container so the picture was pretty depressing. Not much to see when it’s all blended up anyway, and I’m not a pro so I didn’t take a cool layered shot pre-blend. The blending is too fun. And I was really hungry. Priorities.

A.M snack is this greens and white bean and yogurt dip with cucumbers. Problem: I don’t love cucumbers. I don’t hate them. But I definitely don’t love them, and eating them raw is on the “um, this isn’t awesome” side of eating. I also really hate yogurt. Of course this is unsweetened coconut yogurt, so it is tangy and tastes like there is some moldy yeasty bacteria growing inside a coconut scented plastic cup with a slight mouthfeel of slimy. Blah. So when I mixed greens (yum) and white beans (yum) and yogurt (blah) and eat it with raw cucumbers (ugh)…. this was not my jam. I tried it. My mom would be proud of me.

So, I took the nutritional value of the snack (128 cal, 9.8g fat, 6g carb, 2.9g protein) and the ingredients I still had that I wanted to use (basically just white beans) and found this gem: Rosemary White Bean Dip from Salt and Lavender. Natasha had me at “tasty recipes designed for busy people” – respect. I’ll peruse her site more in about 8 weeks, see ya then. I used herbs de provence because I’m not sure we even have just rosemary (not that I looked for it that hard) and it turned out just great. AND clocking in at 116 calories, 7g fat, 9g carb, 3.5g protein for 1/8th of the recipe, I felt this was a pretty good substitution. I ate it with the cucumber (and a couple of blue corn tortilla chips, I mean, I shoveled more snow today I DESERVE IT). I would have liked to have thrown some greens but alas, I am out of greens until I hit up a grocery store.

Lunch was fresh… not a typical food combination for me but I thought it was tasty and filling. It’s a peach, fennel, carrot, avocado, spinach salad. So peaches aren’t in season for the US right now (this happens relatively frequently with their meal plans…) so I used frozen. Totally fine, they were cooked anyway. I didn’t have buckwheat so I used quinoa – I think there are a lot of substitutions you could have done with the grain part of this. I don’t typically eat a ton of fennel, but to me it’s got a really mild flavor and some good crunch so it was nice to mix that in. If you’re super sensitive to that licorice taste, fennel is probably not your best bet here, but I don’t like licorice and I don’t find it overwhelming. Also. Licorice? What a word. Liquor ice. Lick her ish.

P.M. snack was another vegan ball 😉

Dinner is leftover beets and sweets from yesterday. Still delicious.

Total: 1284 calories, 54.8g protein, 75.8g fat, 78.2g carbs

That fat still seems high to me if I’m being honest.

Side note: while I was searching for why the fat content is so high for the vegan plan (can’t speak toward the other plans), I found a document that says if you do five f45 workouts per week, you should eat 350 more calories! And if you do 7 or more workouts, you should eat 500+ calories! Bless up. It is nice to know that what I’ve been doing IS TOTALLY ONE HUNDRED PERCENT endorsed by the cult meal plan people. Extra foods for me today: some blue corn tortilla chips with my bean dip (150 cal), an orange (90 cal), a sheet of nori (5 cal – but like, really good B12 vitamins and other stuff), banana chips (300 cal)… and I will probably have some more cucumber and bean dip (116 cal) because I have league late at night and I’ll need my energy.

Ok, not much to say about why there is so much fat here. The point of the first two weeks is to “eliminate inflammatory foods, reduce sugar cravings, improve digestion, increase energy levels, enhance sleep quality.” I really notice, perhaps because of the fat and the room that the veggies take up in my stomach, that I’m not really craving a ton of snacks or anything, like I feel pretty full and content. But the thing I miss the most is salty crunchy foods. Hence the chips (they’re a forbidden snack but shhh).

By the way, caffeine is included in the “forbidden inflammatory ingredient” list so… everyone in my AM work out class has been grumpy this week (but trying really hard not to be) 😉

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